Top 5 Renovation Mistakes – AVOID THESE

With 30 years in the renovation industry I can tell you from experience mistakes are common, just hopefully not very costly. Here are the Top 5 #renovation mistakes to avoid to maximize your ROI.

First, use #quality materials! During a renovation project its common to run a tight budget, especially at the end. Cheap finishes like for instance your plumbing fixtures, is something you should avoid. While these fixtures may have a nice look to them, the last thing you would want after all your hard work is to have a malfunctioning water source. Flooring can also have the same quality appearance as its #NAMEBRAND twin, however 99.9% percent of the time the cheap price materials quickly show wear ending up needing to be replaced far too soon. Costing you more in the long run.

Second, during renovation if you discover some issues the can possibly wait 6 months to a year to fix, DON’T! Go ahead and fix them now while you have walls open, flooring up and in the long run it will be cheaper to do now verses waiting. If you have any faulty electrical or plumbing you definitely don’t want a simple preventable problem turn into more than it could have been. Additional damages these can cause could be huge.

Third mistake to void is using carpet. Not only is carpet very dirty it has to have constant upkeep to keep the warranty. Especially if the renovation is in a rental property the carpet will require changing more often than other flooring resulting in more money you spend in the long run.

The fourth thing to avoid is underestimating the renovation cost. Renovations are tricky because you can’t see what everything looks like until the demo process is complete. Not to mention things you never even thought of suddenly come to mind when the install process begins. Fresh paint and other new items suddenly make it a necessity to replace previously thought to be reusable items. So in the planning and budgeting stage of your renovation try and add an additional 20% to your budget so you covered. Simple or #LUXURYRENOVATIONS alike tend to be very surprising in what “could” be replaced.

Number five is always an issue in the #renovation industry, estimating your time. Give yourself a 7 to 10 day completion window, especially if you run into additional work that needs to be done. After all your hard work and planning you do want to rush the final steps.