Alternative Energy at Home – How to Build a Solar Powered Home

Some of the things about solar energy seem to be obvious, but the truth is, they are not obvious as they photovoltaic solar to be. Many say “solar energy is all about converting it into electric energy” but then I ask what power we are talking about here. Some would refer to it as sun energy but when the sun shines there are two likely energies present namely light and heat energy. Between this two energies, photovoltaic cells convert light energy into electric not heat energy into electric power. For this reason, people probably misinterpreting the fact. I have come up with ten things you should know about solar energy.

• The sun strikes the earth continuously thought out the day with 173000 terawatts of electric power if we were to convert all of it. But 30% of this energy is reflected back to space by clouds and some of it is absorbed by water bodies. This massive power takes less than 10 minutes to travel 90 million miles to strike the earth surface.

• Solar powered aircraft exist. It is true that in the 1980s NASA launched Pathfinder I which is entirely powered by photovoltaic cells. And since we have never heard news of its failure it means the satellite still runs on solar energy.

• Solar energy (sun) is available 24 hours a day, and that darkness is usually a shadow. The earth is spherical, and it is always rotating on its axis. So as it rotates, it exposes us to the sun, and when we are on the shadowed part, the sides of the other is exposed to the sun. Due to this, we harness our energy and store it in batteries to use when the shadow comes our way.

• Solar voltaic cells use sunlight, not heat. Very high temperatures may alter the efficiency of the solar cells.

• When you install power in your house. The solar panels you use are guaranteed to work for 25-30 years without losing their effectiveness. And that after initial construction of your home solar system there is no cost for maintenance and servicing of your cells.

• The largest solar energy power plant is located in Mojave Desert (California). It covers 1000 acres of land, and its total energy production is 392 megawatts. It is a solar thermal power plant.

• Solar energy is recognized and recommended as the future source of energy due to its non-polluting nature of the environment. Solar energy is ecologically acceptable.

• Solar energy is the preferred way of temporally power devices and places. It can be produced for small reasons such as a powering a calculator and can be produced in large amounts to power cities and buildings.

• Clouds and air pollution such as emission from vehicles and industries are barriers which prevent sunlight from reaching the earth.

• The uses of this energy have been there for more than 2700 years. BC Romans and Greeks used mirrors to concentrate sun rays to one place which resulted in a fire.

Solar history is significant and even in the present, there are still things that you probably don’t know. Did you know according to the economy research solar panel cost has dropped by half price since the 2000s? Spread your solar energy more by researching more.

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