Alternative Energy Ideas That Will Help You Leave a Green Footprint

There are a number of Alternative energy ideas that will help you leave a green footprint on planet Earth. These ideas will help you save money on your electricity or heating bill. Some of these alternative energy ideas can help you to live off the grid.

It is important to understand how alternative energy systems are different from green energy systems and how they are the same. Alternative sources of power sometimes use systems that might not leave a green foot print. Some green power creation systems are already in use and are not alternative power production systems. These various systems can save you money on your electricity and heating bill.

Alternative Energy Systems

Solar Power

Solar power is created by harnessing the light from the Sun and creating electricity. Solar energy is also used to created heating systems that provide hot water and systems that keep your home warm during the cold times of the year

Water Driven Systems That Produce Electricity

These green energy systems require access to running water such as a stream in your backyard. These systems will produce hydro power and it is reliant on the flow volume of the water that moves through the turbines that generate the electricity There will be an initial investment need to cover the cost of the system that generate electricity and how this power is hooked up the electrical grid connected to your home or place business.

Production of Electricity Using Wind Power

This type of alternative energy setup uses the power of wind to produce electricity and could be considered a green energy alternative. However you will need to live in an area that receives an above average amount of wind. Also there will be an initial investment in the construction of a system that can drive a generator using the wind creating electricity and storing it for future use.

Green Energy

Technically this is the type of energy produced from sunlight, wind, rain, tidal flow, gravity, organic matter and geothermal heat. This type of energy replenished with relying on finite energy sources such as oil and natural gas.

Many Alternative Energy Sources Are Not Green.

Although alternative energy can provide clean energy they may still require fossil fuels as they are often connected to the electrical grid. the electricity produced in most homes relies on fossil fuel. nuclear power and hydro-electric dams. These all can have or do have an adverse affect on the environment.

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