Lend a Classy Feel to the Floors With Wood Looking Tiles

Wooden floorings have always been a part of the classic interiors. Ever imagined that they will be modernized in the form of tiles! Of course real wood is not cut into tiles; rather, tiles are modernized in a way to appear like wooden material. It is the constant need to stylize home or offices with a contemporary outlook that has given birth to enduring look-alikes of wood. Its popularity in terms of dazzling and fashionable home designs has grown with time. Indeed, they are becoming an imperative part of classy home interiors. There are a couple of designs that have the tendency to mesmerize viewers.

Beige Sierra:

Much famed as hottest designs in reclaimed wood. Here, the planks have been remodeled and reconvened with casual widths as well as lengths. Beige Sierra is known as an easy-to-care and manageable porcelain wood tile having an exclusively realistic wood grain form. Along with this, a tile is also an excellent option for accent walls and even a backsplash.

Leather Vintage:

Available in the shades of deep cocoa brown ranging from beige with intense white streaks, is an obvious choice for lending a rustic appeal to the room. Not just this, these tiles happen to make their special place in the contemporary or modern settings. Beautiful looks with bucolic appeal make it ideal for homes.

Copper Ecowood:

The excellent thing about the Copper Ecowood is that it’s soft and neutral tone has been considered apt in gelling well with cottage style homes to contemporary villas. Its subtle wood-grain pattern is versatile that enables a person to use anywhere in the house; be it the kitchen or any part of the room in the house. This tile flooring has a matte finish and beautified with glazed coating for easy maintenance.

Greige Upscape:

In Greige Upscape, one can see fresh Saw marks as if coming directly from the mill. Being realistic on the side, they are getting highly in demand and exceptionally durable in terms of lending an aesthetic touch to the flooring.

Natural Forest:

Accessible easily in a kit with 3 diverse sizes for having well-finished installation, the tiles are simply majestic in nature. They are known to be authentic and full of character. Moreover, its medium brown tone is suitable with diverse wall shades.

Pine Sonoma:

Known for its rich upscale outlook, Pine Sonoma’s golden brown shade is beautified with subtle graining, incredibly realistic approach and highly refined quality. And of course, it is water-resistant, as well as fade-resistant qualities make them extremely demandable.