A Special Day For Mothers

We don’t like to ask, but given a hint we can vocalise. Most of us want something for ourselves, many times in the past we lovingly accepted household things, like knick knacks, so precious from our little ones.

But it’s different now, thankfully, our grown children either ask outright, or ask some leading questions, because we all recognise that everyone has what they need.

And what most of us do not need are any more white elephants, money is after all too precious to be spent on needless gifts.

The same applies to all family members on birthdays and all other occasions, I imagine we’d all agree.

Personally, I prefer it if my children put their well earned dollars together and buy me something really nice that I know I would certainly appreciate. Doesn’t have to be expensive.

To be honest, my offspring do not need to buy me anything to prove their love. But unfortunately Mother’s Day is here for the long hall, and is I think, most would agree a money spinner, but that’s another story.

So for Mother’s Day here is a selection that I think most mothers would appreciate on May 12th or for any other special occasion.

1. Fine Designer Jewelry, including very affordable items.

2. Sunglasses, there are some classy cheaper varieties.

3. Beautiful Totes, absolutely gorgeous, with prices to suit everyone.

4. Scarves, in beautiful colours, to dress up any outfit.

5. Kindles, one of the best inventions in technology, especially for bedtime reading… if you have 3 or 4 children to split the cost.

6. Cell Phones, most people love them, for me, a necessary evil, sorry Apple and Samsung… more than 4 children to share this one.

So, girls and boys if you think your mother is worth it, (and she certainly is) please put your dollars together and present her with one of these wonderful gifts.

Money spinner or not, I’m looking forward to Mothering Sunday, when all the family, children and grandchildren will gather together for lunch at a nice restaurant. Or our place, to relax and have fun, and escape all the stresses and anxieties, for a few hours.

Mothering Sunday is a Christian Holiday, and where I come from in Europe, it’s celebrated on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Christianity spread through Europe in the 16th century, with many celebrations, and became Mothering Sunday.

This put it firmly on the calendar. The holiday allowed for Domestic workers and apprentices, who worked away from home to join their families in their churches, to give offerings of thanks. A very good opportunity for family gatherings.

A bit like the American Thanksgiving Day in November perhaps! No matter, it’s always very nice to express gratitude together with your family.

So, from that point of view, I think it’s a great Day to celebrate, and a very civil one too.

So, I think we’ll keep it after all.