Marble Tiles – The Best Way To Give Classic Rich Look To Your Place

Are you thinking of redecorating your place with a classy look? Are you in need of a budget-friendly luxurious feel to your place? Marble tiles may be the option you are looking for and give your interiors the natural classy feel.

Marble tiles are those, quarried from natural mountains across the world that gives the floor a natural beauty with a rich look. Marble materials have been used for centuries for residential flooring and nowadays they are used for even bathroom flooring and more. There are both pros and cons for these tile flooring methods.

Let’s see what all pros are there for these marble tiles as a flooring option.

Durable and long lasting: Marbles are hard and strong naturally. When flooring is done with tiles form of marble additional strength will be obtained with the dolomite.

Style and attractiveness: It tends to make the space, where it is laid, elegant and rich looking. They are available in different colours and even mixed colours, which gives you more variety of options.

Unique and natural: Every marble tile comes in a unique texture and with the power of natural mountain feel into your interior. Your floors will be standing out and be one of a kind.

Heat absorption: Marbles are great conductors of heat and keep you cosy and warmer in any weather conditions.

It is advised to keep an extra box of tiles stored for maintenance in future so that if any damage happens you can replace the damaged block with these extra ones. This process will be favourable to maintain the colour match of your floor and avoid the need of replacing the whole floor with the new one, thus cost effective as well.

Let’s see the cons of marble tiles now.

Scratches and stains: Under wrong and unmaintained situations, these flooring can be sensitive towards scratches and staining. Scratches are more often seen on highly polished marble floors. As these marbles are base in nature, they are highly reactive to an acidic substance like certain foods and cleaning products.

Porous: As they are natural stones, they are porous as well. Marbles absorb water and thus stains are more often seen due to the spilling of colourful liquid substances. This con can be prevented by using a surface penetrating sealer applied at the bottom, and a protecting barrier coating at the top, of these tiles.

Slippery: If they are highly polished they tend to be slippery in nature. Accidents may occur due to spilling even a small amount of slippery substances. If these tiles flooring is left rough as it is natural, then they become unbearable for walking on, especially if there are any wounds.

Cost: Marble tiles are more costly than other flooring methods as they more elegant and highly demanded form of flooring material.

Marble tiles can be the option for your perfect interior space, whether office floor, rooms or even bathrooms, to make it more naturally powered and elegantly luxurious.