Pros And Cons Of Granite Tiles

Are you thinking about renovating your space, whether home or office, with a budget-friendly luxurious look? Granite tiles, with their style, strength and more, maybe the thing you are looking for. Go through the article to know more about the pros and cons of them.

Crystalline stone formed under severe hot conditions are known as granites. These stones are thinly cut and layered out uniformly to form the tiles you need for the flooring. There are different types, thickness and style options according to your needs. Each granite differs in their colour and textures.

Granite tiles, known for its strength, durability and luxurious effect, make it the most demanded one for flooring options, like main hall flooring, bathroom backsplash wall tile, or even kitchen countertop. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages for this flooring type.

First of all, let’s check out the pros of granite tile flooring.

Strength and Durability: Granite tiles are well known for its toughness and durability. Among the natural stones used for flooring options, granite is the hardest and non-porous. They have an extraordinary ability to save itself from regular wear and tears. The floor repels liquids from getting absorbed into them thus preventing stain formation.

Stylish appearance: They have a stylish and unique appearance when compared to other natural stones. They are available in a variety of colours and patterns that stand out with a stunning look. Installation of granite tiles in all rooms and space can give your space a versatility, which is the benefit.

Low maintenance: Due to its long lasting and durability properties, they have low maintenance cost as well. They resist stains, scratches and most of the wears and tears. Keep the floor clean and well maintained by sweeping and cleaning with damp clothes, regularly. Whenever a spilling or anything breaks on the floor, never forget to clean it immediately.

Values: These tiles are not at all cheap, but they are cheaper when compared to other natural stone types and due to their low maintenance cost. They are resistive to most common damages, thus making it valuable and budget-friendly with good maintenance. Even if any tiles get broken, it is not costly or difficult to replace them. Buildings with granite flooring is a good investment as well.

Let’s go for the bad sides now.

Installation: When compared to other natural stone types, installation of granite tiles are more complex and difficult. For effective installation, the floor should be smooth and capable of handling the heaviness of granite. Due to its strength, these stones are difficult to cut into shapes. Diamond wet saw tool is used for the cutting.

Slippery: To get stylish and glossy appearance granite tiles are usually polished. In addition to the advantage of this process, there is a disadvantage of causing accidents due to its slippery property. You should be more careful while opting for this tiles for your home, where elders or younger children are living.