Make Simple Repairs to Your Copper Plumbing

Copper is one of the most popular materials used to create pipelines for homes and businesses. This is due to the metals excellent ability to conduct heat and electricity. It is also very long lasting due to its strength and it being relatively corrosion-resistant. It became the standard choice of builders everywhere starting around the 1960s.

Of course, as with all materials, copper pipes will break down and need replaced over time. On average, pipelines made from this material is expected to last between twenty-five and forty years. This means that many older homes are now experiencing the need to complete repairs on their pipelines. The main reason for your pipeline to need reparations is because of tiny, often unseen pinholes.

Pinholes begin to develop on the pipeline over time. This can be caused by a variety of things, such as the acidity of your water or just the age of the material. Unfortunately, you will find that it is often hard to find these pinholes as they may develop in an area that is not visible. Many homeowners do not realize that their pipeline has these holes until they see water damage or mold.

One of the biggest reasons you may see a breakdown of your copper pipes is if there are chloramines in your water system. This is a combination of chlorine and ammonia which is used to disinfect bacterial contaminants in your drinking water. Due to EPA standards, chloramines are found in water throughout the United States. These chloramines will corrode the inside of the pipeline over time and cause pinholes to develop, leading to leaks.

Another area that may need improvement in your home is the water pressure. It is recommended that you have a maximum pressure of sixty pounds; however, the plumbing code allows a pressure of eighty pounds. This added pressure leads to more force and velocity which causes erosion. This is something you may want to consider fixing after completing your pipeline repairs, so that your water pressure does not cause rapid erosion in the future.

A final reason you may see a breakdown of your pipeline is if you water heater is old. This is because steel particles will collect inside of hot water pipes, which will cause the interior to deteriorate. This corrosion will later cause pinhole leaks. This is another area you may want to consider repairing when having work completed on your pipeline.

In the past, repairing copper pipelines could be extremely expensive and time consuming. Luckily, more and more plumbing companies area advancing their technology to make reparations much more quickly and easily. One way is through the use of an epoxy lining. These methods are almost completely trenchless, meaning there will be no digging of your yard or home.

These trenchless methods allow for work to be done on your pipeline while it remains in place. Pinholes on your original pipes will be renewed and it will put an end to these inconvenient leaks. Since the methods are non-invasive, it also makes the process as a whole much more affordable. Also, it will not interfere with your daily life, which is especially good for those who own businesses.

As mentioned, copper pipes are an excellent material to use on both homes and businesses. Overall, they are highly durable, resistant to bacteria, fire, and earthquakes, and can fit in much smaller places than other materials. Unfortunately, this material will still deteriorate overtime causing small pinhole leaks which can lead to severe water damage. When you are hiring a plumber to repair your pipeline, ask about using trenchless methods to help lower your costs and time.