Seven Secrets To Unclog Blocked Drains

It always seem to happen when you’re having a nice time with life, and all of your worries feel like ancient memories. You’re smiling & embracing all that life has to offer, and then it hits you like a pile of bricks – blocked drains are causing havoc in your home. What was once a tranquil afternoon not concerning yourself with any problems is now a mad dash to find a plumber that will come to your home.

Calling said plumber may entail additional fees if outside of regular hours. You may be trying your best to keep any damage from taking place due to standing water or, even worse, waste that never quite made it down the line due to the blockages. Without question, this is an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. How in the world can you recover from this?

It’s important to keep in mind that such biblical-scale catastrophes are not the norm, but having your mind wander a bit in this direction may just give you the kick in the backside you need to be a bit more proactive in terms of your approach to home maintenance. Your home’s plumbing is crucial for the day-to-day operation of your home, and though you don’t pay it much attention, having a bit of knowledge on how it works can be very helpful when things go wrong.

One thing you must understand about plumbing is that blocked drains are inevitable. You can’t get around it. The system works in such a way where an occasion blockage will occur. Once you understand that, you can now move forward with ways to help unclog said blockages.

Here are seven secrets to helping unclog blocked drains:

Be Proactive – Don’t wait until something goes wrong. It seems obvious, but it is the one thing most homeowners don’t understand. Even if you don’t know much about plumbing, you’ll know when something isn’t right.

Have the Right Tools – Most tools for tackling blocked drains are relatively inexpensive, so it helps to have them on-hand in your garage just in case.

Understand the Methodology – With any technique you use, try to understand how it works versus just going through the motions. For example, a plunger works by way of using a vacuum to undo clogs & not just moving the plunger up & down.

It Will Get Messy – Keep the area you’re working in clear, and have cleaning supplies nearby to keep things tidy. Also, protect yourself with gloves & eye protection.

Start Simple – The plunger is the simplest way most blocked drains will be unclogged. Start here & work your way to the bigger productions.

Don’t Force Anything – If the clog is still in place, don’t try to do something harder. You could cause structural damage to fixtures or cause odd shifts in pressure in pipes.

Call A Professional – The biggest secret to unclogging blocked drains is knowing when to throw in the towel. It pays to have a local, dependable plumber close at hand if you just feel you aren’t quite up to the job.

Blocked drains can be menacing pests in your home, but knowing how to address them in a simple, systematic way can help take what could be a serious problem in your home’s plumbing & make it part of the general home ownership experience.