Sewer Line Replacement – What Every Property Owner Needs To Know

Owning a home is not for the faint of heart, and nothing exemplified this more than the unfortunate experience of dealing with sewer line replacement. In many ways, the failure of your home’s sewer line is the danger that lurks beneath, showing its terrible self to you and your family at a time when you least expect it. Spooky tales aside, this type of home repair maintenance can be absolutely devastating for a homeowner.

But why the devastation? First of all, if you unlucky enough to have your sewer line catastrophically fail, you may actually have to deal with sewage inside of your home. Depending on how quickly you can act, you could have a real mess on your hands. Moreover, even beyond the sewage aspect, you’re contending with the real potential for extensive water damage. Keep in mind, too, that all of your home’s drains will be affected, so while you may be terrified at what the toilet may do, it may not be the only terrible thing with which you’ll contend.

One of the more current trends in homeownership is owning the quaint little home in the established neighborhood that is anywhere from 40-50 years old. There’s a nostalgic part of owning a home that reminds us of our grandparents, but what many homeowners don’t realize is that these homes are potential financial liabilities due to their plumbing. Depending on the era of your home, the sewer line may be made out of clay, which while it has a long life is use, it can also be very susceptible to damage by way of intrusive root systems (think trees, bushes, and other landscaping) or settling of surrounding soil. Home experts suggest that new homeowners ask to have a sewer line inspection be part of the home’s inspection prior to purchasing the home. This way, you may have a better idea of knowing what you’re getting yourself into & avoiding trouble.

A few final things deal with the general time & expense that comes with it. Not only will damage from a sewer line backup cost you money, but so will getting the line replaced. Moreover, depending on how much work must go into the process, you will lose landscaping. If you’re operating off of an emergency situation, you may find a reprieve in terms of the disastrous possibilities indoors, but city government requires certain licensure, certification, and registration from anyone who works on sewer lines. Not only that, depending on where you live, the proper paperwork must be filed with the city before it can be approved.

In the end, the lesson to take away regarding sewer line replacement is that every homeowner has to be proactive in their approach to not only maintaining the sewer system in their home, but they must also be active participants regarding the ins & outs of their home insurance. Ask about policies that include coverage for sewer lines repair, replacement.and damage. Get to know your city’s role is when it comes to sewer maintenance & how it affects your property. You may just go a long way in sparing yourself a very costly headache down the line.