Should You Renovate a Century Old House?

The popularity of renovation nowadays is soaring because in part of reality TV. Viewers are in awe of all the various shows that feature interior designers and his crew turning a shabby into a modern expensive home. Because of this, many people renovate their homes even if there is no need for it. Some even renovate century old homes that have some nice old school touch to them just because the owners like to live in a modern looking home.

This begs the question, should you renovate a century old house and if you do which should you renovate and which should you keep?

To Renovate or Not

Century old homes are treasures. They are architectural relics of the past era. If you own one, you should be proud of it and you should try to keep it looking as it was in the past. These homes have their own beauty that many new houses don’t.

However, this article will tell you that even a century old home could still use a little renovation. If you plan to stay in a home that is at least a hundred years old, for example, you should not suffer the obsolete bathroom facilities. You should not tolerate old heating systems that consume too much power. Yes, century old homes should be subject to renovation too, but you should do it only when absolutely necessary.

What You Should Renovate

When it comes to century old houses, you should consider carefully which parts to renovate. The fact that it is still standing after 100 years or more may mean that the house is made of quality materials and the age of the home itself may contribute to its value. Taking these factors into consideration, here are some parts of the century old house that you may look into for renovation:

· Kitchen-yes you should update your kitchen to the modern standards, at least to benefit from the improved anti-fire technology, which was not available then.

· Bathroom-Water conservation is important nowadays. Old bathrooms may not have the best water conservation technology that is available today. Renovating your bathroom and all the plumbing system is a worthy investment.

· Basement-old basements from century old houses are often used as mere storage places. Renovating them to add extra living space will shoot up your home’s value.

Old homes may have a very high value, but that does not mean you should not improve what needs to be improved. Just make sure to talk to an architect or interior designer before calling a renovation company. Ask the renovation company to check the foundation, walls, and flooring of your home. They can recommend which parts of the home you need to upgrade.