What to do if your key is snapped in the lock

The most unpleasant and stressful situation you will ever encounter is locking yourself out. In the terrible majority of situations, this occurs when there is an emergency. For instance, you may need to use the restroom or may want to relax after a hard day at work, but you are outside. This article contains some helpful advice for when your key accidentally snaps within the lock.

●    Find a different door or window

Many homes have back doors that, if unlocked, allow you to enter the property. There may also be a window from which you may get a chance to enter only if it is not grilled.

●    Apply for a card

As you use a credit card or identification card to access doors, this method is highly popular. Pushing the card against the lock is all that is required; once you hear a faint ticking sound, the door will open. It does not, however, function with all locks.

●    Rented residence

It’s time to get in touch with the homeowner or a landlord if you are a renter. With a spare key, they may assist you, unlock the door, and free you from your situation.

●    Make a call to any other household member

The initial course of action when you find yourself stranded outside your door is to call the nearest people who can assist you in escaping this critical circumstance. Make a call to your spouse, child, or other household members. They can help you open the door if they have any other duplicate keys.

●    Take the doorknob off

When you are locked out of your home, ask the neighbours for assistance and use some pointed objects, such as a screwdriver or knife, to unlock the doorknob. The doorknob can be installed and used once more when you have successfully resolved the circumstance that has trapped you.

●    Break in

The only remaining alternative, if none of the other suggestions works, is to break into your own home by opening the lock with a shovel or hammer borrowed from a neighbour. Alternately, you may call for a locksmith who could break the lock more delicately and with less damage.


Hope that after going through this article you learned some useful advice on how to resolve the situation if you lock yourself outside of your home and yourself stranded.




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