Innovative Ideas for Laundry Room Organization

Most people don’t spend any more time washing clothes than they have to. Although this chore is not usually a favorite, it is necessary to keep a family’s wardrobe in good condition. Innovative ideas for laundry room organization will help maximize the space and the time spent on these tasks.

Managing Errant Socks

Mismatched socks can present an ongoing challenge. Stay on top of errant socks with a foolproof system. One idea involves prevention of the problem. Clip or pin socks together before throwing them into the hamper. The pair will remain together throughout the entire process. You could also dedicate a special bin or container for holding single socks. Once a week, go through the contents to make pairs. If you have free wall space, rig a simple clothesline for holding single socks. As the matches appear, you can put them together.

Use Vertical Surfaces

Don’t overlook vertical surfaces for effective laundry room organization. A set of industrial shelves would provide ample storage space for laundry baskets and other supplies. Install hooks to hold items such as an ironing board and air drying racks. Place an over-the-door rack system onto the door. This type of shelving can be ideal for storing stain-treating products and other cleaning supplies.

Finding Nooks and Crannies

Even in laundry rooms with limited space, it’s usually possible to find nooks and crannies for carving out extra storage. If you have a narrow space between appliances, purchase a rolling shelf that fits the dimensions. You can then pull out the cart to access items, and push it back in when not in use. Consider a retractable clothes line for drying garments by line. When you need to hang items, pull the lines across the room to the opposite wall.

Storage Ideas

Think outside the box for innovative storage ideas. If you use pod detergents, store them in a pretty jar with a lid. Keep a piggy bank by the washing machine. As you empty pockets before washing clothes, you can put the change in the bank. Keep another jar or bowl for other small items you remove from pockets. Shelves and cabinets mounted on the walls can help you devise a system with a designated spot for all the laundry room essentials, including detergents, stain removal products, iron, ironing board, baskets, dirty clothes, and clean clothes.

Communication Central

A busy family often needs to communicate about laundry. Mount a message board on the wall above the appliances. You can use it to post a note when washing delicate garments to ensure that they don’t end up in the dryer. A stain guide mounted on the wall can also provide helpful tips and advice for treating common stains.

Make it Pleasant

Although this room is usually completely utilitarian, there’s no harm in making it pleasant. Choose a paint color for the walls that is serene and soothing. Add recessed and task lighting to add both ambiance and lighting for the work performed there. If the space allows, display a few of your favorite items to add personal decor to the space.

Laundry room organization can be an effective way to spruce up this space and make it more functional.